Corporate Profile / History

At Amon & Associates, our main service is to provide you an objective and comprehensive fee-based financial plan. We use this proven defined process to produce a customized financial plan written specifically for our clients.

The process begins with collecting all of the necessary data about you, your family, and your objectives. We then take that data, analyze it, and produce a custom financial plan which has specific findings and recommendations. Together, we will mutually explore the strategies and solutions to help you improve your situation and work towards your financial goals.

Finally, even the best financial plan is useless without implementation. Our role is to act as your catalyst to get things done. Here is where we help ensure that your strategic financial plan is put into action, and that each component is professionally coordinated and fully integrated.

Amon & Associates is proud to be affiliated with Sagemark Consulting, a division of Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp., a broker-dealer and registered investment advisor. Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp., is a member of Lincoln Financial Group, the marketing name for Lincoln National Corporation and its affiliates. Their oldest affiliate is over 100 years old and has a heritage of helping people find solutions to their financial challenges - with the same honesty, integrity, and responsibility that you'd expect from our namesake. It's a legacy that we proudly and respectfully continue each day.


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